Thursday, March 25, 2010


There is a reason for that title. Read on to find out the reasons...

Let me preface this post with saying I'm spoiled. I know I leave Roger home from trips...a lot. I'm grateful to him for letting me play as much as I do.

With that being said, we drove to Las Vegas this past weekend to see Callie play with her competition soccer team.

Whoa: What I said as I watched how tough these soccer girls are. Also what I said when I realized I'd burnt my right side because the sun hit us on that side for almost every game.

(Callie and Dad. Dad was on his way to chat with an old high school friend. Pretty sure we didn't see him at any of the games while he was being Mr. Social.)
(Cheering on #5 - Go Callie! We froze at this game. Love the Vegas weather.)
(Close your mouths please. I know I've exploded. Can't zip up my pants, can't button up my coat. I also have three chins at this point.)
Then off we went to Arizona to visit these two!!!
Whoa: What I said when I saw Meg and Dev's cute apartment! Did you know they have Orange trees growing outside their window? They smell amazing. Might have slept on a mattress pad next to the open sliding glass door so I could smell it all night.
Whoa: What Devin said when he saw me. He hasn't seen "the fetus" since Christmas. Ummm, he handled the sight of me quite well...kudos to him. Thanks Dev.
(Devin feeling Baby Gardner kick and move. For being the future 'Dr. Bland' I think he was a little grossed out. Don't feel bad Dev, I about fell off the couch the first time I saw a body part move across my stomach.)
Whoa: What I said when I saw Devin's long hair!! He's been busy (since Christmas) studying and hasn't had time to cut it. It was worth the sacrifice...he aced two tests while we were there. Congrats Dev.

Whoa: What I said when I saw the Arizona sun that allowed us to do a lot of pool visiting. Also what I said when I realized I'd had more Diet Pepsi in this three day trip than I think I've had in an entire year. No criticizing me, it tasted great.
Whoa: What you would say if you saw the amount of salt and sugar we consumed. Don't ask. You'd be jealous.
Whoa: What I said when I saw these lovely pics of myself in a swimmingsuit. Large and in charge for another three months! I am so in trouble...

(This was a CSU reunion. You've read about Cara Lyon on Meg's blog. She came to say hello while we were attempting to burn/tan our pasty white skin. So good to see you Cara! Thanks again for the darling onesey!)
Whoa: What we all said about the hot tub temperature. My poor feet were swollen - not sure if it was related to sunburn or pregnancy, but the absolute fire it felt like putting my feet in the hot tub was worth it!

Whoa: And the real reason for the title of this post. It was at this lovely restuarant (On the Border) that I walked past a group of ladies and heard "whoa". Um, what? Yes, they were looking directly at my bulging stomach. Maybe the cheetah shirt I was wearing didn't help how big I looked. I tell ya, you'd think women in this world who have been pregnant before would be a little more tactful. Bite me lady.

More Pics for your enjoyment of our adventures shopping, sitting, laughing and anything else girls do for enjoyment. Thanks Meg for being a great host! So glad we visited!

Whoa: What I quietly thought as I realized that saying goodbye never gets easier. I hate airports. I didn't cry, I couldn't let myself do that until I was alone. Being separated from matter who they tough.

Whoa: What I said to myself as I realized how much I missed this guy while I was gone. Too bad I had to say 'whoa' again when I got off my flight last night at midnight and was told our basement was flooding. Pics below...

(I ended up having to put in a sick call today so the plumbers could come rip up my entire basement to replace that lovely drain that was clogged. They also had to fix our leaking water heater. Lovely. I was ticked. I really didn't want to use the PTO - I'm having a baby in three months people!)