Monday, March 28, 2011

Warm, Sun, Food, and Fun

Aka.....Glendale, AZ!
Oh did we have fun visiting Meg and Dev. Yes I'm rubbing in that we spent 7 days enjoying the pool and the 87 degree weather. Next time you all can come visit with us! Brooklyn had many 'firsts' on this trip, including her first plane ride. These pics are deceiving, she was awful on the flight there. An hour and a half ride felt like 5. Good thing all three men sitting by me had little kids, too - they were willing to help distract her! And forgive her constant whining!

We spent some quality time with another Beta Babe - Abby! Hey Beta girls, next dinner group needs to be in Pennsylvania - lets mark off the states! :)

The rest of the trip included the pool, shopping, and eating way more chocolate than should be legally allowed, especially since we all have to make appearances at Whit's wedding in less than two months!

We tagged along with Meg and Dev to church....Brooklyn loves Devin.

I realized on this trip I have a few very defined roles...

  • I'm a mom. And Brooklyn is having some serious separation anxiety if I'm out of the room. Or if she's riding in the back seat with someone besides myself. (Sorry mom and dad)

  • I'm a sister and daughter. And so grateful for the sisters and mom/dad I have! I'm very lucky I have great relationships with each of them. We can talk all night and never get tired of each other.

  • I'm a twin. And not ashamed to admit I miss my twin very much. I wish each person could have a twin. It is so so so much fun. I say I'm not going to cry when we leave or she leaves, but gosh darn it I do everytime. Miss you Meg.

  • I'm a wife. And missed my other half a lot. You don't realize just how much your life revolves around your spouse until you spend a week without him. Missed you Rog, thanks for letting me take a vacation. I needed it, but your girls sure missed you.

Last year at this exact time I was pregant with little miss Brooklyn - this year she got to sit in her own pool chair. Wonder what next year will bring?

Thanks again Blands for letting us crash your party!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

We Made It!

Arizona is fabulous! We've missed these two!

The plane ride was a little rough, good thing it was only an hour long. The sun here is so great, it's been missing in action in Salt Lake for way too long.
We're so glad to be here, thanks Meg and Dev for letting us crash your party!!

And Brooklyn is kinda confused about Meg. She can't decide if she loves her (cause she's basically me!), or if she still a stranger after not seeing her for 3 months. Aren't they both so cute?!

Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm glad I'm a girl.

I'm glad I have three sisters.

I'm glad I have lots of sisters-in-law.

I'm glad I have lots and lots of boofy blonde beautiful cousins.

I'm glad I have girlfriends.

It's great to be a girl. Girls are just girls, ya know? We get each other. We like to talk and eat together for hours on end. Phone calls with the hubby last maybe five minutes. Always have. Even when we were dating we didn't like talking over the phone. In person is way better. Phone calls with my sisters are always long. Girls just like to talk.

I'm so glad we had a little girl. She's my buddy, my lunchdate, my shopping partner, my mini-me. Most of our conversations are one-sided, but she still loves me. And I sure do love her back.

I'm so glad I get to go on a girls trip next week. This snow is killing me. And I'm in need for some serious girltalk. And good old diet pepsi by the pool. Brooklyn is coming with me, can't wait!

But I sure will miss this guy.......

Seriously people, isn't he handsome? I'm lucky he gets me, that he understand my need for girl time. For sister time. For these little girls trips I take. Love him.

And so does our blue-eyed daughter.