Monday, July 18, 2011

Posting Just Because

Sometimes life is simple enough that there isn't much to post about. But I've been sick of seeing the last depressing post, so thought I'd just post some random stuff.

Summmer is lazy and wonderful, sometimes you don't have much to blog about.

Thank you for the kind comments about Rog. We're still doing some follow up stuff with his thyroid issues - waiting for a biopsy result that they decided to do last week - but feeling good about the situation.

Besides that we're just doing the usual, play, sleep.

Those that know me know how much I value my sleep. Like I'm a 10-10 kind of girl. Really. Well with a huge smile of accomplishment on our faces we can say that Brooklyn now sleeps in her crib always! Six months of sleeping in our bed and she actually can't fall asleep in our bed anymore. Yes!!! (Pathetic that our 15 month old is just now sleeping by herself) And her naps magically became longer once she was in her crib. :) :) :)

Isn't her hair hilarious? She has a tuft of hair on the very top and that's about it.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Growing Pains

Life seems to creep up on you when you aren't quite prepared for it.

It seems to fly by as we get older, the time when we want it to slow down.

Time brings with it adventures, excitement, growth, learning.

It also brings with it stress, some failures, some pitfalls, and yes some fear.

The past six weeks for us have been a little stressful. We've been waiting to hear if Roger had cancer.

Yes, that's right. CANCER.

To our immense relief, no he does not. A physical found a lump on his neck. Following two ultrasounds, we were told he has a whole bunch of thyroid lumps. But they aren't cancer.

Holy cow, are we old enough to have to discuss such an awful word? When did we all of a sudden grow up and have to deal with 'growing pains'?

So to all of you who haven't had a physical lately, GO GET ONE. Right now, go schedule it.

On another good note, Brooklyn has officially outgrown her kidney reflux. Yet another miracle for us. Modern it, but I'm gonna die young from the stress of it.

Friday, July 1, 2011

One Year Older....

....And wiser too?

Not sure about that, but the message Whitney left me this morning included her singing happy birthday and letting me know I'm getting old.


What?! I feel 20, not three years away from 30! Birthdays are a great excuse to feel special, though. Tonight we're leaving Brooklyn with a babysitter and going to dinner and a movie. Lame? Probably, but the activities were my choice. WE, meaning Rog and I, haven't been to dinner and a movie together since we bought our house....almost two years ago!

Birthdays allow you to reflect a bit on your life and where you thought you'd be. Roger asked me this week if I'm where I thought I'd be at this point in my life. I can honestly answer yes. The road getting to this point wasn't exactly what I pictured back when I was in high school - but I have everything I ever own little family. I sure do love them.

Happy Birthday to Megan today, too!

And all of the other Rasmussen birthdays this week.

And if you haven't read Meg's blog - head on over there! I earned a new title - I'm gonna be an aunt!!!