Thursday, December 20, 2012


Time seems to fly by as you get older....the time you wish it would slow down a bit.

Has it really been three months since these pictures were taken?
My adorable baby is now a 3 month old....with rolly polly thighs, chunky cheeks, blue eyes and smiling like crazy.  She's also almost 13lbs for the record (yes!).

2 weeks old....

3 months old........

(In her excitement to see a picture of herself Brooklyn proceeded to throw the baby down on the floor face-first literally 2 seconds after I took this.  Mom of the year? Yep.) 

Brooklyn and I...
(She's my little shadow.  Gosh I love that girl!  She's had to grow up so fast, it makes me so sad!)

Excuse my tired eyes.  Brynlee is sleeping great for the most part, but my body seems be taking its sweet time catching up on energy levels.

And because it will probably be another 3 weeks before I update again, here is a random picture thrown into this post.  These are the Beta girls (missing a few that live in other states).  I LOVE these girls.  Lunch was pure chaos with all of the kids joining us (the poor workers who had to clean up the floor after we were done), but if felt like time actually had stopped for that fun hour of catching up.  (It's been over 6 years since we were all together during the good old sorority days!)  Thanks ladies, it was a blast!!

We didn't send out cards this year (raise your hand if you ran out of time and motivation to do them, too) -- maybe next year I'll get started earlier and get family pictures taken!

Merry Christmas next week!! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

A New Normal

Could these two look any more different?
Brooklyn: 2 1/2 years
Brynlee: 2 months

Life is settling down for us.  We're getting into a routine.  Sleep is starting to happen at our house (with some random rough nights thrown in there of course - from both girls).

I'm happy.  So very happy.  These two girls have wedged themselves right into my heart.  Sadly, I think I struggled for awhile.  Post pregnancy was rough on me I'd say.  Though looking at myself from the outside in I knew I was sad or frustrated over simple things, but it took me a bit to pull out of my hard days.  For the women in this world who battle post partum depression my heart goes out to you.  I think I'm over my 'rut' without needing any extra medical help, but I worried for awhile that I was never going to feel normal again!

Brynlee is a total sweetheart.  Brooklyn is doing soooo much better with her behavior issues.  I'm getting a bit more sleep these days, which means I'm a nicer person to my little family.  And Roger has been enjoying the roller coaster ride with the girls in his life.  We're getting used to being a family of four!

Brynlee is giving out smiles like crazy now, but these were the first few we caught on camera.  And funny enough she was smiling at her big sister in these!  Brooklyn has the touch!

Tub time....something she HATED for a good while.  After discovering she hates being cold even a little bit, we figured out a system to keep her happy.  Love those big eyes of hers and those round little cheeks.

Venturing out to a Jazz game!  Thanks Mom and Dad for the tickets, it was a blast! 

Brynlee plays hard, and crashes hard.  I had forgotten how much new babies need to sleep.  She gets in the BEST positions.....makes you want to snuggle up with her and sleep the day away!

How I love my girls! 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Little White Dress


Dear Brynlee,

Today your dad gave you a name and a blessing.  You were surrounded by your uncles and grandpas - each one dressed in white and circled around you - filling the circle with their love for you.  Your dad did an awesome job.  Tears were plenty, and not just my own. 

You wore the same dress your sister wore on her blessing day.  You looked like a porcelain doll with those big deep-set eyes of yours. 

You were given the middle name of Susan.  Please remember the woman you were named after...she has left a legacy for you to follow.  Your dad and I found out you were a girl weeks after your grandma found out she had terminal cancer.  It was decided then you would have a part of her to keep here on earth with you....her first name.  She will reach heaven before you will ever get to know her.  Make Dad proud of the name you carry!  He loves his mom and sure does love you!

Thank you for joining our family, we would not be complete without you!  You are incredibly loved by us and especially your big sister.  She is so excited to have a friend.  This family has waited a long time for you to come!

Like we told your sister, thank you for choosing us to spend your earthly life with - we will make the journey worth it for you as best we can!  We love you!

Mom and Dad

All tuckered out by the end of her party and asleep in Grandma's arms (who always has the magic touch and can get her grandbabies to sleep)......

The man and little lady of the hour......
(and can I just say how handsome my husband is?)

Grandma and Grandpa Gardner....Brynlee's namesake.
And a family picture because its the first picture we have of Brynlee smiling!

I was unable to grab a Firth family picture before my Dad snuck out.  Sorry Fam!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Newborn Pictures

How can you not love these?  Every mom thinks her kids are adorable and perfect.  Just so its clear, mine are the cutest. :)

My friend in our ward took these.  She's a saint.  These took two days to finish - each session was 4 hours.  She entertained Brooklyn, somehow got incredible shots of the girls, and did it all with a smile.  If anyone wants her info, call me.  She's awesome.  Thanks Amy!

In no particular order - here they are!  (I had over 100 pictures to choose from.  Pretty sure I posted almost every one!  By the time I got these uploaded I was exhausted.  I took too long looking at each one, couldn't help myself!)

I'm in love........ :)