Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Holidays From Our "Family" To Yours!!!

Baby Gardner is due July 2010!!!

Crazy Busy Week

With Meg and Dev in town we jam packed a whole lot of fun into the week they were here.

We went to lunch...a lot. :)

We went to Chilis and Twilight with some of my favorite cousins.....

We cheered on the Utes! (Roger was down cheering on "his" team down south, so I was a widow that day.)

And finally had an early Thanksgiving dinner for Meg since she had to fly home to work on Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm Alive

Holy cow.

Started the week out with strep, then got the flu (not the swine flu, just the good old regular flu. So much for the stupid flu shot I got this year!)

I've been flat in bed since Monday - today's Sunday!! I've called in sick to work all weekend. It's been a tie between which spot I've spent the most time...the bed or the couch.

Me and the new couch have a love/hate relationship at the moment.

Did anyone else know it snowed this week? Not me. Never made is past the bedroom all week.

New house? Total mess.

Roger? Bless him for keeping things running for me while I've been sick. Have I mentioned he could be a better nurse than me? Fabulous bedside manner!

On a more serious note, being sick makes me grateful for my mom. And Roger's mom. My cute mom brought me soup this week (couldn't eat it, was dealing with some serious nausea). How in the world do our wonderful mom's do what they do when they are sick? I only have to worry about me and Rog (and he basically had to fend for himself this week), yet both of our mom's can single handedly be supermom on top of sickness. Love them both.

Now that I'm finally getting around to the land of the living I can say how excited I am for these two to come visit this week!! Counting down the hours Meg! :)

(Devin and Megan, San Diego 2009)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I'm sick. I have strep throat.

Who gets strep throat at 25? Me. Probably picked it up at work this weekend, but have no idea how...none of my patients had it.

Woke up this morning with my throat on fire. After a quick trip to the instacare (right down the street, how convenient is that), I walked out of there with my party treats:
  • Penicillin twice a day for the next ten days
  • A one time dose of a steroid to take down the swelling - holy cow those work wonders! I couldn't talk when I walked in there; thirty minutes later I could actually say my name normally.
  • On the flip side, the steroid made me sick to my stomach. I think I have more sympathy for my patients. The whole "take with food" really does apply.

Came home and slept for five hours! Probably could have slept longer but Roger called to make sure I was still alive. He (along with everyone else) will be avoiding me like the plague for the next twelve hours. Did I say I hate being sick?

I've had this whole week off from work. Why do I manage to always get sick on my days off? (If any CSU people read that - don't pass that on to managment!) :)

At least its not the swine flu.....(knock on wood)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sign Here Please....

Signed our lives away last Friday, and had a blast doing it! By the time we were done signing the last paper I was pretty sure my name had three ee's in it instead of two... I couldn't tell anymore. That' s what you get for signing a tree or two worth of paperwork!

What I love about our house:
  • My kitchen...yes I said "my", Roger doesn't cook (except for breakfast)
  • The pantry
  • There is enough space between the dresser and the bed that one of us doesn't have to sit on the bed while the other passes by
  • We have two bathrooms
  • We have a garage (no more scraping ice in the morning!)
  • Our huge windows.....for those that didn't know, I hate gloomy places. I used to leave our apartment and drive around just so I woudn't have to sit in the dark on my days off
  • The ward/neighbors. We were amazed by the noise level at church, yet our bishop talked as if absolutely everyone in the room was listening to him instead of chasing after kids.
  • No more flushing money down the toilet, at least we own the toilet now! :)

What I don't love:

  • The drive to work...I can't push snooze bar three times anymore. I actually have to get out of bed and in the car on time
  • We don't have a fridge. Correction: our fridge won't be delivered until Saturday. Which means I haven't and won't be cooking all week. On second thought, maybe I should move this one to the "like" list. :)
  • How much money it actually costs to buy a house! They'll take everything you've got plus your firstborn! (No, that is not an announcement)
  • I can't spend Roger's hard earned money as quickly anymore...sigh.

Things that have made me laugh:

  • Roger smashed his foot in the shower door. We're both still getting used to having a separate "master" shower
  • Watching the news in bed last night, sideways, on the TV that we put on the floor because we don't have anything to set it on yet. Good times.
  • Watching Roger get soooo mad at a knot in the blinds he was putting up. (Did I mention that my awesone husband spent hours two nights in a row putting up the blinds on our huge windows? Did I mention that we have lots of them? Did I mention they're huge? Sigh of happiness....)
  • The tan construction paper we used for blinds until the real ones were ready. Might not have noticed that the one in the bathroom had fallen down as I was getting out of the shower. I'm blushing as I write this hoping our neighbors were sound asleep and not looking out their windows that night!
  • Asking my husband how we were going to mount our little TV in our bedroom. He proceeded to tell me we'd have to find a stud? (A what? Is that something I'm supposed to know?) I asked him how we do that...he said I was looking at one! (Love my sexy husband and yes he is a total stud...still gives me flutterbies!)

Here are some pictures for those that want to see: