Thursday, September 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Brynlee

This sweet angel baby of ours is turning one.  I just can't believe it.  I haven't had my fill of her yet, she's still so much a baby.  She's starting to lose some of that chunky baby weight, is soooo bald and has awesome teeth.  She's crawling, standing against everything unassisted, pulling herself to a standing position, climbing the stairs daily, and she's eating everything we eat.  We quit nursing this week, but she refuses whole milk in any form.  We can sort of trick her into chocolate milk, but only through a cup and straw.  Stubborn girl.

I can't begin to describe my emotions when it comes to Brynlee.  Her older sister has had my sole attention from birth, I was almost afraid to have more kids.  So Brynlee sort of caught me off guard.  She has been so easy.  Truly, she's so good it's almost scary.  She's an awesome eater, she slept through the night at 3 months, she puts herself to sleep without eating/binki - just her blankies....2 of them (both thanks to Aunt Whit), and she is genuinely a very content and happy girl.  She rarely cries, only when hungry or getting sleepy.

Brynlee healed a part of my heart I refused to acknowledge was still hurting.  When Brynlee was delivered at almost 8 pounds, chunky and healthy (and screaming mad by the way) - I was so grateful knowing we had made it to 39 weeks.  That she wouldn't have to go through the trials her sister went through.  That she could grow and develop on her own timeline vs what medicine 'says' she has to do.  I think I knew in my heart from the beginning that the second baby/pregnancy would be just fine, but to have her in my arms brought it full circle for me.  I got to be the mom instead of the medical mom/nurse.  I got to bring her home when I went home.  I got to snuggle her fuzzy head right away instead of waiting weeks to hold her for the first time.  (I still occassinally hug Brooklyn randomly just because I can.  She gets annoyed, but I can't help myself, I'm making up for lost time all these years later! Ha! :)

Brynlee would make anyone want to have kids.  So would Brooklyn, but Brynlee is just so chill.  I wonder if this gentleness, calmness and easy-going nature of hers will stick around into adulthood?  Brooklyn is fiesty, Brynlee is simply content.  And these two girls of ours will be great friends I think.  I hope so!  Brooklyn still can get Brynlee to laugh anytime she wants, the rest of us have to really work at it.

A year has flown by!  I've told Roger multiple times I haven't had my fill of Brynlee yet.  She still feels so much like a baby to me.  She's definitely growing and learning new things everyday, but she has turned into a bit of a cuddler and for sure is a mama's girl.  Oh how I love her, goofy teeth and all!

Dear Brynlee,

What to say on such a special day?  You are a joy, you make us so proud!  You joined our family during an incredible rough time in our lives, especially for your Dad.  You were a bright spot during an intense time of sadness for this family.  The heavens blessed us with you as they welcomed your Grandma Susan just a short 3 months were the last grandbaby she saw born - you will forever be our reminder of her, with Susan as your middle name.  A year seems so long, yet so short.  Can it really have gone this fast?  You make it so easy to be a parent.  Your happy, smiley and playful personality is so fun.  We love you so incredibly much.  This family would not be complete without you.  Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Love, Mom

Celebrating on her birthday at the Hogle Zoo and Rock Creek Pizza........

Notice Brynlee stuffing her face - she could have cared less about the animals, haha.  That's our big girl!

How did we go from such a little peanut to a 1 year old so darn fast?!  Love this girl!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Could someone please tell me how in the world my baby is old enough to be in Preschool??!
Brooklyn started school this last week.  And LOVED it.  And to be honest so did I.  She is so curious and busy, so interested in what I'm doing all day -- it's nice to have her attention focused and directed by someone that can do it formally.

She is also a bit shy by nature and tends to gravitate to the older kids and adults vs kids her own age.  She has always been an observant little girl.  Always.  So content to step back and watch before jumping in and participating.  I'm hoping school will help bring her out of her bubble.

She sure is cute.  And so stinking little - it blew me away that I dropped her off at a real elementary school!  How fun is that?  She's has a classroom and everything.

My heartstrings were tugged as Roger and I walked to the car after dropping her off.  This is only the beginning of the school years.  I sure was proud of our pretty little auburn haired, blue eyed, 3 year old.  Call me biased, but she sure is a cute little thing.  Even with her pink polka dot backpack that is as big as she is!   

Brooklyn started school on Roger's birthday, so we had to get a picture of the birthday boy with his oldest daughter, right?!  Love them both!  Rog sure is good looking (again, call me biased). :)

Miss Brynlee and I run our errands together while her big sister is off growing up....and then we look forward to picking Brooklyn up and hearing about her day!  Brooklyn obviously has enjoyed the first two days of school - notice the backpack she's still wearing??  Won't take it off.  It was a battle to get it off her to get her buckled in her carseat.  So funny.

Congrats to a successful start to the schoolyear Brooklyn!  So proud that there were no tears and tons of smiles this week!  But don't grow up too fast okay, you'll always be my itty bitty baby!  Love you!