Tuesday, June 25, 2013

And Life Goes On.....

It's been a 'tug at your heartstrings' sort of 2 weeks.  Saying goodbye to Callie was rough.  But then Beau moved to Arizona and took Meg and Dev with him (really its because Devin starts his first year of Residency next week - congrats Dev!).  I think I'm tired of saying goodbye.

Brooklyn is going to miss that kid.  Holy cow.  Beau has been her 'love/hate' cousin.  Her 24/7 playmate just moved to another state and took my best friend and sister with him.  I love my husband, don't get me wrong, he is and always will be my best friend.  But Meg's my sister, and my twin.  I don't have to like the fact that she lives in another state.  Already planning a trip Meg, don't you worry!  I'm going to show up at your doorstep one of these days when I can plan my stinkin work schedule around it!

Brooklyn talks about Beau every single day.  And Beau is one of the extremely few people that can get Brynlee to laugh easily.  That toe head blonde, blue-eyed, spaz of a kid will me missed at our house.  Days feel a bit quieter without him around.  Already.  And it's only been 3 days. 

So now it's just me, Rog and the girls.  And my mom and dad of course....we live with them.  :)
Summer is filled with nightly tubs from dirty feet (gotta love the summer activities!), porch talk, nightly walks, grilling, campfires, and long warm days (or hot tornado days like today was!).  I love summer.  It puts me in a good mood.  And I've needed good mood days.

Is this girl not adorable?  The two bottom teeth showed up at 8 months.  Top 2 teeth should break through any day.

Ready for church (on Fathers Day - Love you Rog!)

All worn out from playing too hard the last couple weeks.....
Brooklyn and I have both been sick - the lack of sleep finally caught up to us!

And slightly out of order, but a cabin trip was on the list before Callie left.  I really needed pictures of everyone - but, again, I only have the pictures on my phone to upload while pumping at work.  The life of a working mom......

Brooklyn may or may not have gotten ahold of my mascara that morning.  Flash forward about 13 years and this is what she'll look like with make-up on!  Love my pretty girl!

And finally some random pictures because they're either cute or hilarious....see below of Brynlee.  :)

Life jackets at Lake Powell do not equal happy babies....

So life goes on for the Gardners.  I miss Meg, Dev and Beau.  I miss Callie, too.  How grateful I am for my family members that I can call friends (on both sides of the family!).

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Sister

My little sister is on a mission.  All the way over in the Scotland/Ireland mission.  I think I'm flabbergasted as to how time went this fast.  Wasn't she just turning 12 or something?  Now she's 19 - and beautiful, and mature, and left last Wednesday for the Preston England MTC.  I just can't believe it.  She's had her call for almost 6 months....I kind of let time get away from me.  And now it's here.

We have literally hundreds of pictures to document this day and the few days surrounding her leaving. Going through them was exhausting...you can imagine how hard it was to choose which ones to post.

She did a.w.e.s.o.m.e giving her farewell talk.  I started to cry before the opening hymn was over.  And everytime I looked at my mom she was teary as well, which didn't help the waterworks.

My parents put on quite the party for her.  Amazing food, a pretty yard, and such kind and supportive family and friends to celebrate with us rounded out a pretty awesome day.

My mom single handedly planned and prepared for this day.  And it was just perfect.  Months of stress, not to mention the small fortune my parents spent getting her ready to serve was eye opening to me.  I applaud all of you missionary parents.  This is quite the effort of labor and love!


It's hard to believe this was so short a time ago....... (getting her call)..........

 ......and now one of these gorgeous pictures will be hanging in the church for the next year and a half.....

The morning she left was exciting, happy, a bit tearful, and a total blast.  I thought it was a ball watching the whole process (minus having to turn around and go get her debit card that was left at the house.  oops.)!  My mom thought is was easier than expected, my dad thought it was harder.  My dad literally sat at the airport with his binoculars to watch her plane take off. 

Callie looked beautiful.  I usually avoid discussing subjects related to religion too much, but I have to say Callie glowed that morning.  She looked the part of a missionary.  I am so proud of her decision to serve the Lord.  This decision was not taken lightly and requires a good amount of sacrifice and hard work.  She will be so blessed for this decision!  I cannot wait to watch her succeed these next 18 months!

Sympathy treats left on my parents doorstep.....

Good luck Callie!  We are so proud of you!  We think of you every single day!  We love you!!!