Wednesday, August 29, 2012

On the Countdown...

....... until this little lady has a sister!!!!

I think I'm in true disbelief that we're this close to the end.  Considering I've been pregnant literally all year (found out the beginning of January), its strange to be staring delivery in the face.  And a full term delivery, too!

I'm so grateful to have come this far.  I feel good for the most part and haven't hit that 'done' stage you hear so many women whine about.  Granted, my wardrobe is severely limited now and I'm attractively swollen (ha!), but this little peanut only has about 3 1/2 weeks left to wiggle around in there.

My only complaint is my feet.  Or what's left of them.  Oh my heavens are they swollen, especially after working.  About 1:00am last night I could feel my toes and tops of my feet hitting the top of my shoes and knew I was in trouble.  I was almost afraid of taking my socks off when I got home.  Roger just told me they look like Pillsbury Doughboy feet.  He's right.  And quite honestly, no one mentions how painful that part is.  I wonder why you don't get stretch marks on your feet?

We're slowly getting Baby's room ready.  Still working on a name, though. 

We are so ready to meet her!  (Roger's actually totally not ready and wishes she'd stay in a little longer, but I'm more than ready.)  Ready or not, she'll be here before we know it!  One more Progesterone shot to go and then they'll let my body do it's thing....maybe she'll decide to come a little sooner than we have scheduled.  Either way, we're thrilled to meet you Baby Gardner!


Happy 31st Birthday Roger (on the 26th, I'm a little late)!!

It's strange to say my husband is in his 30's...we still feel so young.  But Roger said he feels like once you hit 30 it feels the same for a few years. 

I'm proud to be married to this stud.  It's been fun watching what life has handed us as each birthday passes.  Here's to many more birthdays!!

And Happy Birthday to Devin and my Dad - both celebrated birthdays the same weekend!

End of Summer Fun

Summer seems to end quickly.  Especially if you're a kid.  Then you realize you have a whole bucket list of things you still wanted to do before everyone heads back to school, jobs, and real life.  So we decided to cram a few very fun activities into the last few weeks of August.

Roger, Brooklyn and I headed down to his good old stomping grounds of Spanish Fork and saw our very first demolition derby.  It was hilarious.  Brooklyn was in awe....and managed to climb up and down the bleachers I swear no less than 50 times.  She was everywhere!  Thanks fam for entertaining us and Brooklyn!

The zoo was up next.  This is a must if you have kids.  I swear it seemed bigger when I was a kid though.  Despite my swollen feet, we braved the August heat to wander around...Brooklyn was giddy.  Beau could have cared less.  We were just glad to have parked in the shade and for the food my mom's work had provided!  Thanks mom for getting us tickets!

Brooklyn and I have also included in our summer fun this little man.  Oh my heavens.  I. Love. Him.  How could you not grin seeing this kid's smile?
We babysit him once a week (Meg and I trade babysitting days - I for sure got the better end of the deal).  Brooklyn defenitely struggled for a couple weeks with sharing my time, but she LOVES this guy.  But he owes her some good paybacks for pushing him over everytime he comes over (Brooklyn thinks he should be 'sleeping' because he's a baby).  Love you Beau.  You have full permission to push Brooklyn back once you figure out you can do that. :)

Roger really is included in most of our fun, I just don't like majority of the pictures of us together right now because I'm in the swollen stage of pregnancy.  My pride can only handle so much.  But Roger decided to spend his birthday weekend running the Rivalry Relay again this year.  Congrats on cutting 6 minutes off your time from last year running up Suncrest!  What a brutal race.  But fun - I'll be joining in on the fun next year for sure!

Now we're officially ready for Fall, Football season, cooler weather and of course, for Baby Girl to arrive!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rounding Out Summer

At Lagoon!!

Roger's work threw their annual summer party at Lagoon, so we took advantage of the free tickets and food to join in on the fun.  (Well, I watched and took pictures.....8 months pregnant means I don't get to go on many rides.)

Despite what these first two pictures show on Brooklyn's face, she actually loved it!!  This girl is fearless I'm telling ya!  She could have cared less for the kiddy rides, but LOVED the roller coasters!  Thanks to her tall genes, she could go on just about every ride.

Blowing kisses at Dad before he rides the Rocket - just in case he didn't come back down!

It's been soooo hot these last two weeks.  I'm wish I could say I'm whining because I'm pregnant and the heat makes me feel yucky, but in reality I'm just sick of the 100 degree weather.  Brooklyn and I are hanging out in the garage here because it's shaded vs our front lawn out in the sun.

P.S. Brooklyn loves gadgets.  I think we're in trouble. 

The end of July took us to Bear Lake!!!  That place is Heaven for two very pregnant cousins (Brooke is due about a month ahead of us), a bunch of little second cousins, and lots of adults that wanted to try out my Mom and Dad's new boat!  It's beautiful.  I'm not coveting.......okay, yes I am.  I love boating. 

And that sums up the last few weeks for us!  We're now 33 weeks pregnant and got a csection date out of my doctor - Sept 24th will be the happy day unless this little gal decides to make her debut a bit early!  I'm feeling great for the most part.  Sleep is a bit of an issue since I'm a total back and stomach sleeper.  The rather large belly makes that painful.  And all three of us have colds this week (so glad we have colds in the hottest part of the summer, go figure). 

When Brooklyn was 6 weeks out from coming home from the NICU I made a paper chain to make it feel more exciting........I just may do that again for the countdown to Gardner Girl #2's arrival!!