Friday, February 26, 2010


Pregnancy creates high emotions and crazy ups and downs. I've been through the full spectrum of emotions since the beginning, which means Roger has had to go through them too. I'm writing this down so that someday when we decide its time to have another baby, I'll have an idea of what to expect...and something to warn Roger with!

I felt...thrilled and disbelief the morning we found out we were pregnant. I also felt miserable. I tested on a Friday morning at 6:00am because I was up with a cold and everything else under the sun. I had been sick since the previous Monday with strep and the good old flu. So I tested when I got up for the third time that night (to get tylenol) - got a pregnant sign - smiled - and basically passed out in bed again.

I awe the first time we saw our little alien at our first doctor appt. It still felt so surreal. I also felt peace that there was a fast little hummingbird heartbeat. Roger? He was panicked that we were actually having a baby. Thrilled, but a little nervous.

I felt...sorry for Roger my first trimester. I was a total beast! Like PMS around the clock for 5 weeks.

I felt...nervous the first time I couldn't get my pants zipped up. Holy cow was I going to be a boat by the end of this? Yes, this one will have to be answered in July. And don't ask Roger, he always gives the politically correct answer. He told his mom "I don't answer questions like that" the first time she asked if I was starting to look pregnant. Love my husband. He was taught well.

I felt...stunned the first time I felt her kick me. I had been looking for a totally different feeling. I never felt a flutter, a "gas bubble" or anything else. She basically did a small little "tap, tap, tap" one night in bed. And that was it. I was forever changed. I needed to cry, I needed to laugh, I needed a hug, I needed to call my mom....I was scared. This little "dream" inside of me became a reality that night. But once again Roger was my rock. He hugged me, told me we were more than ready for this and once again told me he thought it was a girl. I also felt love for this little creature inside of me. Is it possible to feel that way so early?

I felt...giddy when we found out it was a girl. I had wanted a boy all along, but realized like a ton of bricks that I wanted a girl more than I realized.

Today I feel...happy. I have everything I've ever wanted. Roger is THE BEST THING that has ever happened to me. This little girl is second.

How will I feel when we get to look her in the face? Can't wait to find out!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Expected Post

For those wondering how fat I'm getting - here we are at 20 weeks. Once again, excuse my puffy face. I'd just woken up from a few graveyard shifts in a row.

My Valentine

(The roses Roger gave me this year - lucky me!)

So I've wanted to "go out" with this one certain boy for a number of you think he'll be "be mine" if I give him a Valentine? Can you guess who it might be?!! Shhhh, don't tell!
(Some of our Engagements 2007)
Once again, I had to work the entire holiday weekend, so we'll be officially celebrating Valentines Day another night. But Roger took the time to buy my favorites...roses and a caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chococlate Factory.
(Cheesy ending, feel free to skip this part)
I loved Roger basically from the first moment I met him. He was the easiest person to be around, not to mention the true excitement I felt everytime I got a phone call, a date or when he made a move. I waited for him to walk into my life for years - he was so worth the wait!!! I am eternally grateful he will be my Valentine every year! I Love You Roger!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy!!!

It's a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ha, gotcha didn't we?
  • The big ultrasound was this morning. I was a total wreck going into it. Roger was as calm as can be. Bless him. My blood pressure was sky high and I went back and forth between throwing up and horrible stomach aches.
  • All of you ladies that have had an ultrasound know that lovely 32oz. you have to drink before? Ha, ya right that was going to happen for me! They were running a little late (like a full hour!), so off to the bathroom I went. I've never been so relieved in my life. The pressure was killing me.
  • The little gummy bear decided to do a complete somersault right in the beginning of the US, ending up face down against my bladder. She balled up her fists in front of her chest, and tucked her knees up to her tummy (Hmmm, yes I'm a pediatric nurse). I thought I was going to have to do some serious aerobics or something to get her to roll over to see if "it" was a boy or girl.
  • For all of you CSU people that take the time to read my blog (thanks by the way) - her heart had all four chambers! (I may or may not have had them check four different times) As for the rest of the "fun" stuff I see at work, our little munchkin is as healthy and "normal" as can be. It was at this point that I totally lost it. She had to stop the US for a minute to find me a box of kleenex. I think Roger thought he'd married a crazy woman. But, I calmed down and proceeded to finally get the little diva to prove she was a girl!
  • We are absolutely thrilled! Okay, so Roger was hoping for a boy partner in crime, but he's getting over the shock of producing a girl. And you know what? She'll be daddy's little girl the minute she comes out. Roger won't know the meaning of the word no.
  • As for me, I'm more than ready to tackle the world of bows, frills and typical girl stuff. So so so excited!!!!!


(Christmas 2007)
I love these couples! We hung out with the Durphy's, the Ashby's and the Cole's this weekend. I'm not so organized these days and didn't take any pictures, so I'm using an old one.
Roger and I hung out with this group the entire time we were dating/engaged. Heather and Brian are responsible for our marriage...they set us up on our blind date. We all have crazy work schedules, new babies and distance that prevent us from seeing each other as often as we should. But I'll say it again, I love these couples! Roger is like a little kid again when he gets around Chad, Joe and Brian. They all knew each other in high school.
Thanks guys for a fun night! Let's not wait a year to play again okay? :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I had a few things happen this week that made me laugh and thought I'd share.

1. I had a rather unusual assignment at work yesterday. Keep in mind that I work at a children's hospital. Words like "potty, sippy cup and owie" are part of my daily vocabulary. The most requested foods are chicken nuggets and mac & cheese.

So when I showed up yesterday morning to find out I would be using leeches fairly regularly throughout my day as a method of healing I about choked. That's right...leeches. Gross? Ya. By the time I finished report I realized I would actually have to kill the poor things when we were done with them too. The random part? I actually felt bad!

I haven't been nauseous for almost two months during this pregnancy. But the leech idea did me in. I got all hot and red in the face, my eyes watered and the idea of having to actually touch the squirmy thing basically tipped me over the edge. So??? My lucky trainee got to do it! Love her!

2. On the way home from this same day of work I'm feeling a little frustrated. I'd gotten off work almost an hour late because it was a crazy day. And I'm boxed in by some fairly bad drivers. Slow drivers drive me nuts! So what could add to my day to make it more random? I hit a skunk...... (yep, pretty mental picture huh?) So Roger and I are at the car wash at 10:00pm doing our best to get rid of the smell. Okay, so Roger washed the car. I was inside the car hoping and praying there wasn't anything he could actually see leftover from the poor skunk. The Murano spent the night in the driveway instead of our garage to avoid sticking up the entire house with the smell.

End of story.