Sunday, April 28, 2013

Life is a whirlwind...

Life is crazy busy right now.  And I think I'm exhausted.

Sometimes I feel like I can't keep up.  Like I can't find a balance between everything I want to accomplish in the week.  But the busyness won't go away.  It's the kids, being married, being employed, being me, etc.....

It's a balancing act trying to find a good amount of time to spend on the things you have to do in your life and the things you want to do.  Sometimes the haves and wants are the same things (kids, spouse), sometimes they're not........and sometimes I feel like my life is falling apart some days!

But other days are quiet and peaceful and content.  I begin and end the day with a smile.  Other days are rougher or just simply busier.  I have found that the chaos of motherhood is exactly that....chaos.  I thought I'd be pretty good at it (I have awesome examples to follow in my own mom and mother in law)....some days I think I have it figured out, other days I'm just grateful we all survived to 7:30pm when at least one child is asleep for the night. :)

My family is struggling finding a good balance.  Still.  I posted something along these lines shortly after miss chunky cheeks was born.  I'm working 3 nights a week right now.  My sweet husband works equally as hard, and also spends a fair amount of evenings working late as well.  Sometimes we barely get a hi/bye in before one of us is heading out the door to work.  This occassionally results in a picure like the one below.........
Brynlee and Roger came to visit me at work.  At 4:00am.  Because she had been up screaming for three hours refusing to take a bottle.  I think she missed me.  The picture below is her grinning at her Dad as he got up to my work to let me feed her and calm her down.  Little diva.
My kids sure are fun right now though.  I think Rog and I are looking forward to summer....nicer weather, playing outside, vacations!  It really helps that Brooklyn and Brynlee are adorable - biased?  Yep!!

Excuse Brynlee's extremely bald head.  But I couldn't resist this cousins picture.  Evan belongs to Rick and Kim, and is just one month older than Brynlee.  So grateful Roger's siblings have kids my kids age!

Did I mention we're potty training?  Kill me please. It's NOT going well.  We've resorted to putting the potty in the tub and turning on warm water to get this child to pee.  
But Brooklyn thinks it's great fun.  See below...

What Brynlee things of all the drama......

And finally some random pictures of the fun at home.  Because Beau is cute.  And I'm in denial that he's leaving for Arizona in June and taking his mom and dad with him. 


Brynlee at 7 months is:
  • Avoiding baby food at all costs.  But likes table food. 
  • Discovered this week she can drink from a straw.  So funny.
  • Gets up in the night once, about every three days.
  • Still won't roll to her tummy.  I think her big head weighs her down. :)
  • Still nursing.  Had my first ever clogged duct last night.  Thought I was going to die.
  • Starting the "stinkbug" position.  Maybe she'll be crawling by our California trip in July?
I probably should start including more pictures of Roger and I.  My blog has been taken over by the girls.  Oops.  I've become 'one of those moms'.  I'll work on that for another post!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Birthday.... You're 3!

My Sweet Brooklyn.

Where do I even begin?  My heart hurts a little bit as I write this.  'Sting nose' is making it's appearance as I try not to cry thinking about you.  Are you really a 3 year old?  Really, for real, 3?  I blinked, and you grew up.  Way faster than you should be.  You're tall, petite and a spitfire.  You have beautiful auburn hair, blue-green eyes, porcelain skin and a killer smile. 

In some ways you are 3 going on 15.  Other days you are still my even let me snuggle with you occassionally.  You have been super sick this week, so snuggles have been happening a lot lately!  You're potty training, starting preschool in the Fall and dressing yourself (multiple outfit changes a day people.  Jammies are a favorite.)  You have your mom's sweet tooth and your dad's energy for life.  You love Brynlee to a point of some serious protective instincts showing up in you if anyone gets near her.  You love Beau like he was your own brother (little do you know how much you'll miss him when he moves in two months!), and you wear your heart on your sleeve.  You are a typical toddler - so active and full of energy.  You wear me out.  But you are a well behaved toddler, especially if you don't feel threatened by other kids being in your territory.  You love any and all attention from whoever will give it to you.

It was three years ago tonight that I sat on an operating table waiting for you to join our family.  It's almost 2:00am as I write this, remembering how I felt three years ago at this exact time, and my heart is full.  Full of memories of lots of 2:00am nights with you as you've grown.  Full of incredible fun, learning, and love for you.  Full of hope for your future and what you will do with your life.  Full of dreams for you, plans for you and the pride I feel in claiming you as a daughter.  YOU made me a mom.  You flipped the switch inside me that defines a parent.  I would hand you life on a silver platter if I could, take away any and all hurts you have faced/will face, and keep you wrapped inside a bubble if I were able.  YOU have brought out my protective instinct, my desire to help you succeed in life, my wish to see you happy.  In the middle of the night, 3 years ago, you claimed April 14th as your special day.  How I love that we get to celebrate your special day!

Today we will celebrate you....your sweet spirit, your happy personality, your energy, your '3 year old - ness'.  We'll eat ice cream (because it's one of your favorite sweets) and open gifts and make today all about you.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.  Your dad and I love you more than words can express.  Here's to 3 wonderful years, and looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays in the years to come!

Love Mom

Saturday, April 13, 2013

An Aunt

I love being an aunt.  I have lots of nieces and nephews on Roger's side of the family, but only one nephew on my side of the family.  To say my girls, especially Brooklyn, love their cousins would be the understatement of the year. 

Beau got Brynlee to laugh today.  Darn him.  Looks like only the little ones in the family can get this sweet girl to laugh - still!  Gosh I love that kid, goofy teeth and all!  He's all smiles and personality and blonde hair.  He's hilarious.

So with giddiness, cheers, clapping for joy and shouts hooray I get to welcome another sweet niece or nephew this Halloween....Whit and Davis are expecting their first baby!  To say Whit will be an incredible mom is also the understatement of the year.  She has set the bar extremely high in her ability to love my kids, I can only imagine how lucky her own baby will be with her as a mom.  And Davis as a Dad.  They're both such good  people.

Congrats Whit and Davis, can't wait to meet Baby Warnock!!

Sorry you're puking Whit, but I'm thrilled to hear Baby W is healthy and happy in there!

P.S. For the record, I think it's a girl. :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Seriously.  Are these two girls not adorable?

Brynlee (6 months) and Brooklyn (8 months)...wearing the exact same outift...
Brynlee has some serious poundage on her sister!
(Pictures like these make me really realize how much they do NOT look alike.)

(Don't mind Brooklyn's 'still wearing the tag' shoes.  This cute girl has a major shoe fetish going on these days.  We wore 6, yes 6, pairs of shoes today.  Plus 3 outfit changes.  Such a funny stage.)

Brynlee and Grandpa Gary on Easter

Brynlee and 4 of the 6 babies that were born last year on my side of the family.  (missing Angel Reese, one of the triplets born to Nic and Dani)
From left to right: Zac, Brynlee, Olivia, Taylor and Lily

We spent a few days in smoky, sun filled Mesquite the week before Easter.  Brynlee likes to look at herself in my phone camera (in reverse)....see picture below.  I think she was enthralled by the polka dots on her suit as well. :)

Brooklyn and her eggs...notice the stacks in each cup.  Beau was included in this colorful fun, but quickly got bored when he realized Brooklyn liked to hoard all 18 eggs to herself.  The shirt ended up a total loss after she was done.  But the eggs were cute! :)

Brynlee went to the doc last week, too.  For the record:

Weight: 17lbs (68th percentile)
Height: 27 inches (98th percentile)
Head: no clue, but it's the 96th percentile

Yep, Rog and I produce long children with big noggins.  :)

At six months Brynlee is:
  • No longer sleeping through the night (sleep training here we come again!)
  • Won't touch solids anymore (any thoughts anyone?  I cannot get her to eat!)
  • Sitting up (on her 6 month birthday!)
  • Still won't roll from back to tummy....why roll to a position you hate?  Right?  Right.
  • No teeth yet.  Maybe soon?
  • Still bald.  Oh so bald.
  • Jibber Jabbering like crazy.
  • Still only laughs for Brooklyn (unless mom and dad tickle her).
  • Has decided she likes a blankie like her sister.  Sucks on it like Brooklyn does.  Won't take a binki like Brooklyn either.  Strong family traits there!
  • Loves my ears.  Will turn my face to the side so she can grab them.  Weird child.
  • Is absolutely adored by her entire family!  But has decided she is a major, major, major momma's girl.  LOVE IT!  :)

Post to come next week when our first 'baby' turns 3!!!!