Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hi There

Oh hi. Been sick. So has this peewee - she gave me her cold.
We both spent this last week a bit congested. She did great - no problems in the sleeping or eating department.
I, on the other hand, spent two days flat in bed. Finally made it back to work this weekend. My pod partner is a walking pharmacy and doped me up with everything she had in her bag - I was a new woman! Thanks Barb!
And of course, Roger never got sick. Go figure.

All smiles these days! Total gummer, love it! Brooklyn smiles with her whole body - eyebrows, hands flailing, legs kicking, nostrils flaring. Love baby language!!
Not too much to blog about these days, we're just going day to day. Roger called me last night and offered to take us to dinner instead of me cooking. I could have kissed him! I was exhausted (I'd worked the night before and Brooklyn only took a few cat naps, which means mom only got the same amount of sleep!). I've missed him. Working straight nights has put a big damper on our available time to see each other.
Brooklyn loves to sleep through the night (for the most part - maybe getting up once), but not so much the nights I work. She loves to make dad get out of bed two or three times. Not sure what to do? I swear she knows when we're both home!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Have I mentioned how much I love these two?

This is a preview of some family pictures we had taken a few weeks ago...more to come as soon as they're bought and paid for! And yes, this is a picture of a picture on the computer. Is that legally allowed??

Tonight I'm destressing. I had a class/tests for work this morning that I've been worrying about for awhile. Not really sure why, it was just a renewal course. But it's kept me slightly anxious.

Which means I'm sort of a grump. And I'm tired. Which makes me really a grump. I've been short with Roger all week...for a few weeks actually. I hate to admit that. I should be doing better. I was a wife way before I took on the title of mom.

We haven't seen much of each other. Work schedules, sleep schedules, Brooklyn schedules, and even play schedules have distracted us from us. When did that happen? Funny how you have to step back every once in awhile and recognize that you're not doing a very good job with one of your first priorities.

So tonight, we relaxed. And took some time to hang out at home.

Yep, Brooklyn hung out with us - snotty nose and throw up included! Roger read a book on the couch, while I sat next to him making my cheeks hurt I was trying so hard to get the baby to smile. (It worked by the way.) We may have put the baby in her too big polkadot nightgown and strapped her in the carseat, just to wander Walmart. Spent way too much money for just wandering. Seriously, how does that happen?!

But we scored a free box of FatBoy Ice Cream Bars. Awesome.

I love these two people I call 'family'. They are all mine. How did I get so lucky?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kaden Cole

Been waitin' for this little guy to make his appearance for a long time! He spent his first week of life in the NICU, but is home and healthy. And have I mentioned ADORABLE? This peanut belongs to my cousin Heather and her hubby Brian.
Congrats guys, he's perfect! And so worth the wait!!

Brooklyn - five months old, & Kaden - two weeks old

Can you believe that hair?! Do you think he'd share with our bald baby?

So grateful for my cousins! So lucky I'm friends with them! Lunch date at Chilis guys? Then a trip to the Sweet Tooth Fairy??! :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

It's been a BUSY weekend for us! I didn't have to work, so we jam packed a lot into four days.

  • We enjoyed some high school football.......

Boy did this night bring back some memories! Can't believe its been almost ten years since I was at Hillcrest High School!

Cheering on the team and Callie! So great to be a fan in the stands instead of down on the track. (But you looked great Callie!)

Brooklyn enjoyed the staduim lights way more than the game.

But decided the announcers voice wasn't so fun to listen to...

Am I old enough to have a sister on a Varsity Cheer team?!

  • Saturday we spent the day shopping (if you can call not really buying anything 'shopping' ) in Park City. And getting a picture with the newest member of the Jazz team!

Roger and Al Jefferson

  • Sunday we went to all three meetings of church together! As in all 3 of us!

Brooklyn likes the idea of church....

  • Also spent some time at Grandma and Grandpa's house

  • And today's fun - hiking to Stewart Falls! We bundled up and joined members of both families for the hike. So fun. And wasn't nearly as cold as the weather guy predicted...

If you look really closely, you can see my crazy dad in the water behind the falls (towards the right). Gave him an instant headache it was so cold!

Brooklyn tucked in and slept the entire time!

Until the very bottom, where she proceeded to fill a diaper - as in we had to throw away this lovely onesey she is wearing. Some things just aren't worth washing!
(Excuse her baldness, she was in a hat all day.)

And tonight, we went to Chilis and watched some more college football with Uncle Dusty! Does anyone else's husband go MIA when its football season? Or basketball? Or golf? Huh, just mine then? Okay, call me if you're bored as well!

Our princess started out with this stunned look.......

....then proceeded to bawl like we've never seen before. Literally, she cried all night! Too much fun = an overtired baby = difficulty falling asleep = frantic parents. We didn't know what to do! An hour later + a bottle (after only an hour without one) and she was finally asleep!

(This was actually at Gary and Susan's house on Sunday, but this is probably how she felt tonight!)