Tuesday, October 18, 2011

And so it begins....

First two weeks of nursery??? A success!!! Please tell me my baby will stay a baby forever...I cannot believe she's big enough for that already.

But nursery also means exposure to germs. And boy do we have one sick baby girl today. And so sleep deprived parents. We're just getting home from the doctor. It's amazing what a simple ear infection will do to a toddler's world.

I was supposed to work at 1:00am last night. I called Meg and told her to write a blog post so I'd have reading material at work, hopped into bed at eight, and planned to sleep until midnight. Roger woke me up at eleven with a miserable baby. The next few hours included us taking turns holding her, a sick call into work (I'm so sorry to my coworkers, you know who you are. Thank you for picking up my slack.), a midnight run to walmart for medicine, and spending a solid hour in the rocking chair with Brooklyn asleep on my chest. Her cough was so bad, she'd hack up a lung when lying down.

We're a bit tired today. But feeling better that we have antibiotics in her. She had to get her eighteen month shots today, too. Poor girl, she's gonna be miserable today. We worked her over.

Brooklyn is a gem. She's still smiling at me today despite her sore legs and ear. Doesn't it make you wish you had their resiliency? Kids are tough. And they make us adults look like wimps.

Looking forward to nursery in two weeks!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Children....And Their Parents.

I'm sitting here tonight in my comfies, feeling the need to sort of vent. I'm just getting home from an awesome relief society activity and am home alone for a couple of hours. Might as well blog right?

Our activity tonight focused on kids - how to discipline them, what sort of activities to do with them, how to teach them, and how to stay organized on top of it all. I kinda felt like a bad mom at the end of the night. It's safe to say I have some pretty awesome ladies in my ward. I could learn a few things from them.

It's overwhelming to stand by Brooklyn's crib tonight, tucking her blanket a little tighter (my house is cold tonight), and think of all Roger and I are responsible to teach her. Especially in the next five years. Such crucial years for little ones. I get anxious thinking of how many ways I could fail her as her mom. I left this activity tonight with lists and lists of things I need to do better now and in the future - even five years from now. But looking at it I realize I'll fail miserably if I try to tackle it all at once.

I'm seeing quite clearly that I am a selfish person. I focus my days around me, not my family.

I think I've needed a refresher on what it really means to be a family. A wife. A mom. A daughter and friend, too. Tonight was a good self evaluation for me. There is SO MUCH I need to do better. I stress just thinking about it. Does anyone else ever feel that way?

Good thing tomorrow is a new day. I need a clean slate. I need to decide what is on my "Essential" list, what is on my "Need to Do" list and what is on my "Want to Do" list. I need to make these two people a better priority and stop being so selfish all the time....

Good thing there is only 24 hours in a day.....because that means the day ends at midnight and you get to start over. :)

I love my life, I am a very lucky girl. I'm married to the BEST man on earth, I have the most perfect daughter (yep, call me biased), I'm employed, and have so many good things in my life - the list could go on and on. I think its time I do a better job with the 'blessings' in my life.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Four Years Ago......

This picture was sent out as our engagement picture. Crazy how much fun we've had in the four years we've been married.

I love this guy so much. He is so good to me. I feel so special and loved by him. He treats me like gold every single day.

Happy Anniversary Roger, I love you!!

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