Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Born to Be Wild" the Big Apple!

Okay not really. But New York never sleeps! My dad invited those of us who could go to New York this past weekend. Can I say how much I love this place? New York is designed for women. Bring on the shopping, plays and eating!

Things I loved:
  1. Sbarros pizza (we might have paid their bills for the next month considering how much we ate there)

  2. The play South Pacific (Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic. Yes, I'm making Roger rent this movie with me)

  3. The shopping - keep an eye out for my new bright yellow purse! Roger may be hiding when he's with me due to embarrassment!

  4. The beds in the Mariott Marque hotel in Time Square. (I'm seriously considering buying one of their mattress toppers.)

Did I mention that Megan and my mom were told they had "sexy nostrils"? Hello, what about me? Gotta love new yorkers!

What women want...and what men want!

Living with a boy is easy. Want to know why? All you have to do is:
  • Surprise him with a plane ticket to Texas to see his favorite team play in the new Dallas stadium
  • Invite three of his brothers to go with him
  • Let him enjoy a weekend off from "husband duty" :)

Roger went to Dallas to see BYU play Oklahoma a few weeks ago. Rick, Dusty, and Rodney went with him to help cheer on their team. Considering I bleed red, this was very nice of me huh?

It's Cold.

It was 89 yesterday. When I woke up this morning it was 40. So much for doing anymore of this!

Roger loves the cold...I freeze at night.

(San Diego July 2009)

Our conversations at night go something like this...
Roger: "It's hotter than Hades in here. Can I turn on the fan?"

Me: (as I put my ice cold feet on his oh so warm legs) "Yep."

Roger: (as we cuddle and talk for a minute before we both pass out for the night - neither of us are night people) "You're like a furnace!"

Funny how men and women are so temperature different. I love to cuddle with my personal heater - he may or may not love it back...but I stay so toasty warm!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Have You Ever??

I might have gone running into the bathroom last night...

I might not have noticed that the toilet seat was still up...

I might have fallen in the toilet...

Oh the joys of being married! Still getting used to living with a boy after 23 years of living with sisters. (Ya keep on smiling those of you who have done this too!)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Longer Living In a Bubble

Yes, we're finally joining the club! After many hours of blogstalking (that would be me, not Roger) we are starting our own blog.

Will we actually post?
Ashlee, yes.
Roger - he'll probably read it when I force him to.

Will I post frequently?
Depends on how exciting I think our life is at the moment.

Will I still be checking everone else's blogs while ignoring my own?
Probably. :)