Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We Made It!

 28 Weeks!!!!

I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't holding my breath getting to this day.  But we have officially made it past the point of when we delivered Brooklyn.  Only by about a day, but we'll take it!

So how do we feel?  Roger is still convinced this little girl is coming in the next 3-4 weeks.  I'm saying somewhere between 35-37 weeks.  For our mental health, I hope this time I'm right.  But whenever she comes, I'm thrilled to finally be in uncharted territory....for us at least! :)

So what has been different this go around?  I can't believe I'm able to say this (because pregnancy #1 was very easy on my body), but I actually feel better this go around.  (Sorry to the mom's out there that are miserable, I'm not rubbing it in.  I can very humbly say I am grateful to be pregnant and would take any symptom that goes along with pregnancy to have these babies!)  So for my own fun I'm documenting a few things as we move into the third trimester so I have something to compare it to!

  • I'm carrying her way lower than I did Brooklyn.  Yet have gained less weight (not by much though, ha!).
  • Already swollen.  Pretty sure me and the pregnancy 'mask' are gonna be friends.
  • Can't sleep - my back hurts.  Probably because I'm too lazy to get off my left side during the night and I end up with a sore back and asleep feet.
  • Lots of contractions with too much activity - probably should cut back on how much I'm working, but no one tell my doctor okay?  The selfish side of me wants to take all 12 weeks of leave after she comes, not before.
  • Speaking of work, I won that battle for now.  I'm still showing up each week until I deliver or show signs of complications.  Grow baby grow!
  • I'm so hot.  Could someone tell Rocky Mountain Power to lower their rates please?  I like my air conditioner lots.
  • The belly button is distorted.  I guess a big belly out front will do that.  Roger pretty much called me unattractive and ornery.  (In his defense, pregnant women aren't exactly the idea of 'cute'.  Am i right?)  Sadly, he's probably right.  Though I thought about making him sleep on the couch for that comment.
  • Yes I am a bit touchy.  Maybe emotional at times.  Maybe a little less patient.  I'm convinced its the shots.  Sorry Rog.  And Brooklyn.  Love you both.
  • No name decided yet.  Still procrastinating a heart to heart decision on that one.  We did the same thing with Brooklyn.  Any ideas for us?
I'm so thrilled to be at this point.  Still not out of the woods by any means, but every day without labor signs is bonus for us.  Now we better get serious about getting Brooklyn out of her crib and into a big girl bed and a name nailed down before this little one makes her debut!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Footprints in the Sand

The Lake Powell Sand!!

We broke down on the way....had to be towed and left our car in Beaver for the week to fix the fuel pump.  I hate cars, they are a necessary evil.
But our wonderful in laws brought their other car and let us drive it down the rest of the way.  Thanks Doug and Camille!  We owe you!

We played hard, ate tons, got sunburned, and crashed at the end of each day.  Brooklyn loves the water, but HATES the sand.  Go figure.

Pictures document our fun, no need for much explanation beyond the fun you see!! :)

Yes, our adorable toddler fell asleep on this.  She started rocking herself back and forth and simply couldn't keep her eyes open.  So camera worthy!!

And because its never too late, Happy Late Fathers Day to this man!!  We love you!! 

Thank you to Darren and Kristi for all of the fun!!  37 people on one houseboat could have been total chaos, but it ended up a total blast!!