Monday, August 29, 2011

Sharon Perry Rasmussen

My sweet Grandma passed away last night. I had the honor of being there to watch her pass through the veil into heaven.

My beautiful aunts, her daughters, surrounded her bed - encouraging her to go. To end her suffering and join Grandpa again after all these years.

My sweet cousin, Tyler and brother in law, Davis gave her a blessing. They told her she was loved, but it was time to give up her mortal journey. That she should no longer hesitate in staying on Earth. Three minutes later she passed on peacefully.

(Four generations....Sharon, Lisa, Ashlee, Brooklyn)

I sobbed in the corner as I watched my mom and her sisters cry over her. What a sacred experience, being in that room where the veil was so thin. I'm sure there were angels surrounding her bed last night. How heartbreaking to watch their grief. I wanted to hug them and make their hurt go away.

Grandma was spunky, the ringleader of this family. She was a constant party. And beautiful. She was loved so very much. And will be missed more than I think words can express.

Grandma you left quite the legacy. We love you and will miss you.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I'm proud of my husband this week. I don't get him on the blog nearly enough (can't help it when our baby is so darn easy to talk about), but I want him to know how much I LOVE and appreciate him. I don't tell him either of those things as often as I should. So here you go Rog, for all the world to see. Brooklyn and I are grateful to belong to you.

The changes in our family this week have caused us to feel like we're on a roller coaster ride. We feel like we have that 'stunned' look...

Followed by some deep thinking....

Then a smile....maybe this will be doable after all!

Yep, definitely good changes!

Yes, definitely good changes in our family! Took a couple of days to swallow the overwhelming time committments Roger will have starting these next few weeks, but how proud I am of his hard work and dedication.

P.S. I think I just became a widow and single mom between his new calling and job. If you find Brooklyn and I fighting with each other, its because I think we're gonna have waaaay to much time with each other in the coming months. Love these two! :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Nice to meet you.....

Some girls in our neighborhood met up for a playdate with our kids at the Petting Zoo at Thanksgiving Point. Love these ladies, and their kids. Brooklyn wasn't so sure about the animals that close up, but she loves other kids.

Brooklyn has given us some great laughs lately. Like this one...

That would be her "what's up" face. No clue where she learned that one. But we wake up to this face every morning. She also does this to everyone that looks at her lately - the cashier at Walmart, the neighbors, during ALL of sacrament meeting (yah, we got some good giggles from people behind us this last week). Hilarious. Most of the time.

Then she does faces like this one - I call this her 'evil' smile. Doesn't she look naughty?

Or try this one ... she has latched on to this blanket. Of all the blankets she has, she chose to love the one that someone made for her. It's tiny, but she loves it. That led me to Joanne's Fabric store for extra material of this exact blanket. Now can someone sew it for me please? I don't sew - Call me the opposite of Martha Stewart.

She sure is funny right now. And curious! And a busybody! She is always moving, seriously. She won't crawl or walk, but she scoots like its nobody's business. So dang funny. She's into everything.

This morning while I was showering, I left her on the floor with some toys (which never seems to work, she still whines at me the whole time I'm in the shower), and proceeded to scoot herself over to the door and scraped some of the hard water residue off the shower - and ate it! Ugh, gross. Better clean the shower.

And last week, she opened a tube of Criticaid diaper cream and ate it. Obviously I need to feed her more.

She's fascinated with her nose. She'll point to it if you ask her. She also points to her belly button, but seems to have missed our lesson in Anatomy....she ends pointing to her boobs instead. Haha.

Another winner? Last week I handed her my phone on one of the 'coma' morning after I had worked and she proceeded to 1. call my dad 2. sign onto the internet and sign me up for Nascar monthly updates. I laughed on that one right after I tried to calculate how much that bill was going to cost me from Verizon. Awesome.

Oh we are so entertained by this girl. Exhausted. Amazed. Did I mention tired? Love her!