Sunday, March 25, 2012


Though everyone says it, I'll join the lame mom ranks and say I cannot believe my baby is turning 2! Two short weeks away and she'll be a little girl!

Brooklyn and I are buddies. Sometimes its a love/hate relationship and I'm counting down the minutes until Roger gets home to help out, but most days I love hanging out with her. She has so much sass! And that big smile of hers (with all of her funky teeth coming in)....ya can't help but smile back at her huh?

I'm thrilled to have another baby joining the chaos at our house, but part of me knows I'll look back on this time and miss it. Its so easy just me and her. So much fun. And so easy to focus completely on her. Brooklyn needs a playmate to help with her creativity and imagination - we all know mom can only do so much, but then another kid needs to be around to 'play'. Brooklyn loves me, but she adores other kids! I'm excited to watch her learn to love another sibling.

For the record, again, I still think its a girl. Despite how hopeful Roger is that its a boy because of how sick I was, my gut tells me girl. I was right with Brooklyn, lets see if my gut is right this time....hopefully we'll know in the next month!

Here we are at (almost) 14 weeks....

Its fun to watch your body naturally do this again. I was surprised at how quickly I showed this go around, but maybe I just used it as an excuse not to suck my gut in! Haha!

I have more pictures to post of our latest fun, plus we have another trip coming up, but the blog hasn't been priority lately. The nice weather, on the other hand, has! Roger's mom got some rough news the last couple weeks as well, so we've been focusing on that for awhile. I'll post another day on that subject as soon as we know more.

That'll do it for another few weeks! :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Blob

Meet the blob...aka Baby Gardner!

We got our second peek at our little one last Tuesday. We are officially due Sept 25th.

What a FUN thing to experience - I could see an ultrasound of this baby everyday if they would let me!
We don't know anything for sure as far as a gameplan, except that we will most defenitely start progesterone shots around week 18. We'll see the high risk doctors that week as well to pick their brain for anything else they may want to do with us.

How am I feeling at this point? So sick. Oh my heavens. The pregnancy glow they talk about.....that would be the sweat on my face after puking. They also don't mention the mascara that is halfway down my face as well, along with the tears I cry everytime I throw up. I'm a total cryer when I puke.
But I'm grateful to be sick, it's reassuring. And yes, we are still pregnant....11 weeks on Tuesday!
I am for sure showing, though a stranger would just think I'm thicker around the gut area. I'm craving the same things (pizza and pickles) when I actually feel good enough to want to eat. The one difference is how much sicker I am this round. It has rocked my world. I am absolutely zero fun right now. My poor husband and daughter. I'm useless.
So there is the update on us. We are so thrilled to be welcoming another little person into our family! I'll take pictures once I get around to looking presentable...I barely manage to shower and look decent enough to go outside everyday. And ignore my hair and Brooklyn's...mine has been lain on all day, and Brookyn is lucky to be clean and dressed in matching clothes with the zero motivation I've had lately! :)