Friday, October 25, 2013

St George

In one last ditch effort to extend the summer weather we headed to St George with Roger's siblings for the weekend.  So much fun.  We started this trip once a year back when we were dating.  This is also the trip where Roger asked me 'unofficially' to marry him!!  So for obvious reasons this trip is close to my heart.  :)
This time, we had all the kiddos with us.  We have grown a lot in numbers since that first trip almost 7 years ago!  We hiked, we played at the playground, we swam, we talked, we watched movies, we chatted, and we ate!  What more could you ask for?!
Thank you thank you thank you to Rick and Kim for hosting (we stay at Kim's parents house - for free - each time)!
Kicking myself now for realizing I have zero, yes zero pictures of the adults.  This is what happens when we think our kids are awesome.  Haha.

Brooklyn's girl cousins - all within 2ish years of age of each other.  Between Roger and his 2 brothers we have had kids every year since the 2nd from the left child shown above.  So. Much. Fun.  Lucky girls!

Her teeth.  Oh my heavens do we have dental work in our future!  Our cute little 4 year old neighbor said she looked like Dracula today - I think I actually snorted out loud when I heard that one.  Soooo funny, so true!

Until next year St George!  Bring on the snow!

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Mrs. Anderson said...

I hope my Dax gets gaps like that!! Super cute.